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Balance Of Nature vs Texas Superfood vs Ensō Supergreens: Comparing Greens Powder Brands [2023]

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August 3, 2023

It’s not easy to find time for healthy foods in today’s fast-paced world. Greens powders have become increasingly popular as a convenient way to get essential nutrients from fruits and vegetables without the hassle of meal planning and preparation. To determine the best greens powder, we'll explore three popular brands: Balance Of Nature, Texas Superfood, and Ensō Supergreens. We’ll go over everything you need to know about each powder to help you decide which suits your needs best.

Balance of Nature Overview

Balance of Nature is a prominent brand in the health and wellness market, offering a variety of food supplements to help individuals achieve optimal nutrition. Their flagship product, Fruits & Veggies, is a greens powder in capsule form that aims to provide essential nutrients and antioxidants from a diverse range of fruits and vegetables.

What is Balance of Nature?

Dr. Douglas Howard founded Balance of Nature, a natural, whole food supplement to improve overall health and well-being. Their Fruit & Veggie supplement contains 31 fruits and vegetables, with 90 capsules per container for $89.95 or $69.95 for a subscription. The brand emphasizes the importance of consuming whole food and aims to bridge the gap for those who struggle to get enough fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.

Balance of Nature claims its Fruits & Veggies capsules can support immune function, increase energy levels, and provide vital nutrients for optimal health. The brand also offers a Health Coaching program for customers, which provides personalized support and guidance on improving overall health and well-being through nutrition and lifestyle changes. This additional service demonstrates Balance of Nature's commitment to helping customers achieve their health goals. 


  • Wide variety of fruits and vegetables
  • Convenient capsule form for easy consumption
  • Focus on whole food ingredients
  • Health Coaching program for personalized support


  • Lacks probiotics and digestive enzymes
  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Limited information on ingredient sourcing and manufacturing process

Bottom line: Balance of Nature's Fruits and Veggies blend presents a straightforward approach for those looking to add more nutrients into their diets. However, it lacks probiotics or digestive enzymes, and its cost may deter some potential customers. While the Health Coaching feature adds value, there are other reasonably priced alternatives with comparable or superior ingredients.

Texas Superfood Overview

Texas Superfood offers dietary supplements that support healthy lifestyles. Texas Superfood Original, their best-selling product, includes fruit, vegetables, and other nutrient-rich components in an easy-to-use powder form.Texas Superfood is also available in capsules. 

What is Texas Superfood?

Texas Superfood provides high-quality, natural supplements to promote overall health and well-being. Texas Superfood Original is designed to support various aspects of health, including digestion, immune function, energy levels, and overall vitality. The product is made in the USA, strongly emphasizing sourcing high-quality ingredients. Texas Superfood prides itself on being free from artificial sweeteners and synthetic ingredients, ensuring that customers receive a natural product. However, it is more expensive than some other greens powders on the market, costing $79.95 for only 30 servings. 


  • Over 55 fruits, vegetables, enzymes, and probiotics
  • Supports digestion, immune function, and energy levels
  • No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients
  • Made in the USA with high-quality sourcing


  • Expensive compared to other options
  • Taste may not be appealing to some users
  • Limited information on manufacturing process and ingredient quantities

Bottom line: Although there may be more affordable options, Texas Superfood Original is a suitable choice for those who value natural, high-quality ingredients in their supplements. However, the taste and limited information on the manufacturing process may deter some potential buyers.

Ensō Supergreens Overview

Ensō Supergreens is one of three greens powders offered by the company. This high-quality formula combines organic superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes, making it an excellent powder for those who want to boost their gut health and nutrition. 

What is Ensō Supergreens?

Ensō Supergreens focuses on quality, efficacy, and taste. Ensō Supergreens contains organic ingredients, like spirulina, wheatgrass, and burdock root, which are high in essential vitamins and nutrients. Supergreens also promotes healthy digestion thanks to its complex of 5 billion CFU probiotics. 

Ensō Supergreens uses 100% natural ingredients and is manufactured in the United States. Additionally, it doesn’t contain sugar, nuts, or caffeine, making it a suitable option for various dietary preferences and needs.


  • Contains organic superfoods, probiotics, and digestive enzymes 
  • Locally sourced and made in the USA, ensuring quality and safety for consumers
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial additives
  • Supports various dietary needs, including those with allergies and dietary restrictions


  • Only available online

Bottom line: Although Ensō Supergreens may sell out due to online-only availability, it is a premium greens powder that delivers a comprehensive formula to promote overall health and wellness. The organic ingredients and locally-sourced manufacturing make it a worthwhile investment for your health. Overall, Ensō Supergreens is a top choice for individuals seeking a high-quality greens powder to boost their daily nutrition intake

Balance of Nature vs Texas Superfood vs Ensō Supergreens Benefits

Each of these brands has unique benefits, but they have a few in common. Let's take a look at their health benefits and see how each superfood supplement compares.

Boosts Metabolism

All three brands contain a range of ingredients that can encourage a healthy metabolism. Balance of Nature's assortment of fruits and vegetables supplies crucial vitamins and minerals to maintain metabolic functions. Texas Superfood Original goes even further with over 55 fruits, vegetables, enzymes, and probiotics, ensuring your body receives the necessary nutrients for a healthy metabolism. Ensō Supergreens excels with its blend of organic superfoods like spirulina and chlorella, renowned for their metabolism-enhancing properties.

Improves Digestion

Texas Superfood and Ensō Supergreens hold an advantage over Balance of Nature. Texas Superfood features enzymes that aid in healthy digestion and foster gut health. Ensō Supergreens goes the extra mile with 5 billion CFU probiotics and a digestive enzyme complex, supporting optimal gut health and improved digestion. Balance of Nature, while focusing on whole food ingredients, lacks these gut-supporting components.

Enhances Energy

All three brands claim to boost energy levels through their unique blends of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Balance of Nature's Fruits & Veggies capsules provide a wide variety of nutrients from whole foods, contributing to increased energy. Texas Superfood’s comprehensive formula, including over 55 ingredients, ensures your body receives the necessary nutrients to maintain high energy levels. Ensō Supergreens also supports energy with its blend of organic superfoods, such as wheatgrass and nettle leaf, which are known for their energizing properties.

Relieves Bloating

Reducing bloating is another benefit these greens powders may provide. Balance of Nature may help alleviate bloating through its diverse range of fruits and vegetables, which promote healthy digestion. Texas Superfood contains enzymes and probiotics that can help minimize bloating by improving gut health. Ensō Supergreens, with its 5 billion CFU probiotics, goes above and beyond to support digestive comfort and reduce bloating, making it a strong contender in this category.

Supports Immune Function

Immune function is critical to overall health, and each of these brands offers ingredients that can support a robust immune system. Balance of Nature's Fruits & Veggies capsules deliver essential nutrients from whole foods to help bolster immunity. Texas Superfood provides a comprehensive blend of fruits, vegetables, and nutrients to support immune function. Ensō Supergreens stands out with its organic superfoods, including chlorella and wheatgrass, which are known for their immune-boosting properties.

Balance of Nature vs Texas Superfood vs Ensō Supergreens Ingredients 

Before investing in nutritional supplements, it's best to compare each brand's ingredients and sourcing methods. Here's how they stack up:

Organic Superfoods

All three brands incorporate organic superfoods in their greens powders. Balance of Nature focuses on whole-food fruits and vegetables, while Texas Superfood boasts over 55 fruits, vegetables, enzymes, and probiotics. Ensō Supergreens has a high-quality blend of organic superfoods, including spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, and nettle leaf, providing a rich array of nutrients.


Ensō Supergreens takes the lead with 5 billion CFU probiotics, ensuring optimal gut health and improved digestion. Texas Superfood and Balance of Nature do not contain any probiotics. 

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes are crucial for optimal nutrient absorption. Texas Superfood and Ensō Supergreens incorporate enzymes in their formulas, supporting digestion and nutrient utilization. However, Balance of Nature doesn't include digestive enzymes in its greens powder capsules. 

Local Sourcing

Details about local sourcing may vary between the brands, but Ensō Supergreens only uses locally sourced, organic ingredients in the USA. 

Manufacturing in the US

All three brands manufacture their products in the United States, ensuring quality, safety, and consumer trust.

NSF Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Registered Facilities 

Each brand's commitment to GMP registration demonstrates its dedication to quality assurance. Review their websites for information on their specific manufacturing standards and certifications.

Third-Party Tested

Third-party testing is vital for ensuring product safety, purity, and effectiveness. Ensō Supergreens ensures all its products are third-party tested, but other brands don't specify. 


Balance of Nature, Texas Superfood, and Ensō Supergreens are all sugar-free, making them suitable for avoiding added sugars in their supplements.

No Stevia

While some brands use stevia as a sweetener, Ensō Supergreens is unique because it avoids stevia and artificial sweeteners, ensuring a natural taste without any aftertaste.


All three greens powders are caffeine-free, making them suitable for those looking to avoid stimulants in their supplements.


Balance of Nature, Texas Superfood, and Ensō Supergreens are all committed to using non-GMO ingredients, promoting health and environmental sustainability.


Ensō Supergreens is the only nut-free greens powder among these brands. 

Balance of Nature vs Texas Superfood vs Ensō Supergreens Taste

Even if these superfood supplements have great health benefits, they still need to have a pleasant taste for daily use. Here's how the taste compares:

Overall Taste Satisfaction

Balance of Nature has a natural taste, primarily consisting of whole fruits and vegetables. However, some users find it bland compared to other greens powders. Texas Superfood has mixed reviews, with some users enjoying the flavor while others find it too earthy. Ensō Supergreens stands out for its pleasant taste without relying on artificial sweeteners or stevia, making it enjoyable for most users.

Texture and Mixability

The texture of a greens powder can significantly impact the user's experience. Balance of Nature has a fine texture, which can lead to some clumping when mixed with liquids. Texas Superfood is a bit grainier than its competitors, which some users may find less appealing. Ensō Supergreens boasts a smooth texture that blends easily with water or smoothies, providing a pleasant drinking experience.

Chalky Taste

A chalky taste can be off-putting for many users. Balance of Nature doesn't have a prominent chalky taste, but its natural flavor can be underwhelming for some. Texas Superfood's earthy flavor may be perceived as chalky by some users. Ensō Supergreens, on the other hand, avoids a chalky taste and focuses on providing a pleasant, natural flavor profile that appeals to a wide range of taste preferences.

Cost Comparison: Balance of Nature vs Texas Superfood vs Ensō Supergreens

When purchasing greens powders or fruit and veggie supplements, you should weigh the value compared to the quality of ingredients. Here's how each brand compares in cost, subscriptions, and refunds:

Balance of Nature Pricing and Subscription Savings

Balance of Nature's Fruit & Veggies greens powder costs $89.95 for a one-time purchase. However, they offer subscription savings that can significantly reduce costs by 22%. 

Texas Superfood Pricing and Subscription Savings

Texas Superfood offers greens powder and capsules for $79.95, with additional savings available for customers who opt for a subscription plan. Subscribers can save up to $10 on their orders, and buying in bulk nets extra savings. 

Ensō Supergreens Pricing and Subscription Savings

Ensō Supergreens offers a reasonable price point for Supergreens, costing only $59.99. They also provide subscription savings, allowing customers to save up to 33% on their orders. Ensō Supergreens' value makes it an attractive option for those looking to balance cost and quality.

Refund Policies

Balance of Nature offers a 30-day refund policy for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase. Texas Superfood provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for new customers, with refunds issued after returning the product. Ensō Supergreens stands out with its 30-day money-back guarantee, offering a full refund for customers who are not satisfied with their purchase, regardless of the amount used.

Why Choose Ensō Supergreens

When it comes to choosing the right greens powder for a healthy diet, Ensō Supergreens stands out as an exceptional choice. Supergreens boasts an impressive lineup of star product ingredients, including spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, nettle leaf, burdock root, and 5 Billion CFU probiotics. These organic superfood ingredients pack a powerful nutritional punch and are sourced locally, ensuring maximum freshness and quality.

Ensō Supergreens is 100% natural, made from real food – not synthetic, filler, or artificial ingredients. This means you're getting the best of what nature has to offer, crafted with care and expertise. Ensō Supergreens is sugar-free without artificial sweeteners or stevia, making it a healthier choice for those looking to avoid added sugars.

When comparing Ensō Supergreens to other top greens powders, it's essential to consider its unique features, such as dairy-free probiotics, gluten-free formula, and vegan-friendly ingredients. Ensō Supergreens is also third-party tested, GMP-certified, and free of sugar, caffeine, nuts, and GMOs, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.

Final Thoughts

It's time to make an informed decision and invest in a greens powder that meets your needs. Remember to consider the benefits, ingredients, taste, and cost when choosing between Balance of Nature vs Texas Superfood vs Ensō Supergreens. Ready to elevate your health and well-being with a premium, all-natural greens powder?

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